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Virtual Dj Studio

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Editorial review


Ioana Dumitrescu Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 6.9
Virtual DJ Studio is a music mixing application with karaoke features embedded. The two main functions are nicely integrated within a unitary system to give you a convenient solution for private parties.

The interface provides a mixer-board with multiple lines for preparing the tracks to come.
These lines can be controlled separately since they act as standalone players with mixing buttons distributed individually. The program comes with a range of options typical to this kind of software, such as crossfader, equalizer, volume controller, pitch and tempo sliders. What's great about this tool is that you can preview a song before actually playing it. In this regard, the tool enables you to use headphones for listening the next audio tracks.

Virtual DJ Studio also provides karaoke features. You have an ability to create a karaoke singers' list where you can save the name of the persons expected to sing, along with the songs assigned to each of them. A good management of this list makes you avoid embarrassing breaks between singers' performances. Usually, the karaoke window has a great impact on people who are about to sing. In this regard, the program lets you adjust the background and customize the lyrics appearance. You can create a stage-like atmosphere whether you chose to darken the background and enable a lightning effect on lyrics.

All in all, this is a good working tool since it provides both mixing and karaoke functions. The interface seems to be cluttered and you may feel overwhelmed by the great number of small-sized controls; yet, you will get used to it when you discover the purpose of each button.


  • Mixer-board interface.
  • Headphone preview of the next songs.
  • Can create a karaoke singers' list.
  • Customize the lyrics appearance on the karaoke window.


  • Cluttered interface.
  • There's no user-defined menu.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 16.1 MB

What's new in version 6.5

- New Features:
- Auto-Trigger and Auto-Crossfade (Playlist) both show the remaining time until trigger/fade in red, blinking when down to less than 4 seconds. On a regular line, the display then shows the remaining time left on the song in dim red, after triggering the next song.
- When dragging a file into the playlist, or moving files within the list, if you hover over the first or last song, the list scrolls so you can move the file further up and down the list.

Publisher's description

A Virtual DJ Console for the PC. Features full DJ and Karaoke support, plugin support, and much more.
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